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More competence for more efficiency

G2Plus are the two strong Gs from GASAG and Gegenbauer who combine their skills and experience.This partnership shows the willingness of both companies to offer trend-setting services and individual customer solutions for the future.G2Plus started in September 2016 and has already been successful in a wide variety of energy efficiency projects. GASAG and Gegenbauer are two companies with competence and diverse experience, a long tradition and economic strength in the field of energy supply and facility management.The companies guarantee a reliable pool of competent and experienced energy efficiency experts, consultants and engineers. As a result, G2Plus has extensive, interdisciplinary and well-founded know-how.

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Our goal is the optimal energy efficiency of your property in order to reduce costs and protect the environment.Profitability, sustainability and legal requirements are requirements that you can meet with our help. For this purpose, G2Plus uses the most modern methods and the latest technologies from both renowned companies as well as from specialized partner companies.

Our experts for more energy efficiency

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G2Plus is a team of experienced experts. In order to be able to offer tailor-made and individual solutions, G2Plus also draws on a large pool of expertise at Gasag and Gegenbauer. This unique network also includes recognized external specialist engineers.

Geschäftsführer der G2Plus GmbH Herr Wolff

Dipl.-Ing. André Wolff

Managing Director

Mr. Wolff has more than 20 years of experience in leading large-scale technical building equipment projects. As the head of plant engineering at one of the largest building services company in Germany, he ran a technical planning office and a powerful construction department. After that, following the life cycle of a building, he devoted himself to facility management as a branch manager at a large FM service provider. There he qualified the field of energy management/energy efficiency. It was his responsibility to introduce an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 50001 in a service company with more than 15,000 employees. Since February 2019, Mr. Wolff has been the sole managing director of G2Plus.
Contact: andre.wolff@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4435

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G2Plus Mitarbeiter Herr Frost

Dipl.- Ing. Andreas Frost

Project Manager for Energy Services/Auditor (BAFA)

Mr. Andreas Frost started his professional life as a mechanic for the maintenance of machine tools. This was followed by a degree in mechanical engineering in the metalworking industry. After completing his degree, he worked as a process engineer, IT designer, and sales engineer in the manufacturing industry. With a change to management consulting, there was continuous specialization in the direction of energy management. Among other things, he worked as a project manager in a BMWI funding program for Berlin-Brandenburg on the subject of “Energy transition for SMEs”. As an energy consultant for medium-sized companies and as an auditor (BAFA) for DIN EN 16247-1, Mr. Frost supports G2Plus.
Contact: andreas.frost@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4436

Unsere Mitarbeiterin Frau Schönebeck

Jessica Schönebeck

Marketing and Project Manager for Energy Efficiency

Ms. Schönebeck started her professional life as a real estate agent at a Hamburg housing association. She completed the technically oriented bachelor’s degree in facility management at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg. After a semester abroad in Finland as part of the English-language master’s course at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, she was employed in the Real Estate Services division at an international FM service provider in Dublin, Ireland.then She started working at Gegenbauer Facility Management in Berlin and completed her master’s degree in close cooperation with Gegenbauer and G2Plus in the field of digitalization and Industry 4.0 in energy and facility management. Ms. Schönebeck works as a marketing and project manager for energy efficiency at G2Plus.
Contact: jessica.schoenebeck@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4433

Unser Mitarbeiter Herr Villain

Sebastian Villain

Project manager energy efficiency

Already during his studies as a process and environmental engineer at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, it was very important for Mr. Villain to gain practical experience. Initially, Mr. Villain worked alongside his studies as a student trainee at a listed vehicle and mechanical engineering group. As part of the practical phase of his studies and to support his thesis, he switched to the G2Plus GmbH team. Since completing his studies, Mr. Villain has been working as a project manager and studying energy and resource efficiency while
working. Furthermore, he is responsible for the implementation as well as operation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001.
Contact: sebastian.villain@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4423

Unsere Mitarbeiterin Frau Henkiel

Justyna Kowalinska-Henkiel

Finances and controlling

After completing her business school diploma in Poland, Ms. Kowalinska-Henkiel studied education with a focus on German at the University of Poznan. She completed her academic career with a Masters in Communication and Information Management. After several years as a foreign language correspondent at a subsidiary of the German National Mint in Poland and working as an assistant to the management, she found her way back into the world of finance. She opened this up with various training courses in accounting and controlling and expanded her knowledge and skills to become a financial specialist. Ms. Kowalinska-Henkiel has been supporting G2Plus in business financial planning processes since mid-2018. She is responsible for the financial topics within G2Plus. These include reporting, invoicing, and budgeting, as
well as operational controlling.
Contact: justyna.kowalinska-henkiel@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4426

Leo Pfeifer

Leo Pfeifer

Project manager energy efficiency

After graduating high school Leo completed a dual study program in the field of “Technical Facility Management” at one of the leading facility management service providers in Germany. Already during this time he focused on the areas of energy management and efficiency. Hence, he chose his master’s program in the field of “Building Technology and Energy Management”. During this time Leo worked as a auxiliary force at a renowned construction and facility management company to relate his theoretical education in practical life. Since November 2022 Leo has been part of the G2Plus team as project leader for energy efficiency. Additionally to managing energy efficiency projects and developing energy efficiency analyses Leo specializes in analyzing energy consumption data and calculating energy saving measures. Contact him directly to get a customized consultancy.
Contact: leo.pfeifer@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4432

Jens Lehnig

Jens Lehnig

Project manager for power plant construction (state-certified technician)

Jens started his career as an electrician. After several years of practical experience, he became a state-certified technician for electrical engineering with a focus on energy technology and automation. He worked as a planner and construction manager in various engineering and planning offices in the field of technical building equipment for electrical engineering and building automation for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Latest, he was highly involved in the overall project management of Technical Building Equipment as well as in implementing the working methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM) within the planning processes. Due to the large variety of projects, he has worked in he is of great help in advising our clients in conducting energy efficiency analyses as well as in the implementation of the carried-out energy efficiency measures. He will also be your contact for the development of decarbonization of fossil-fueled energy supplies towards electrically powered systems.
Contact: jens.lehnig@g2plus.de / +49 30 7872 4403

As a Gasag and Gegenbauer company, G2Plus GmbH has also successfully passed the introduction of the energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50.001. With the help of an EnMS, energy efficiency can be increased and transparency about the main energy drivers can be created. In this way, G2Plus also makes an important contribution from within its own ranks to the reduction of its own energy consumption, to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and thus to climate protection.

The corresponding certificate can be found here.

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